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Power purification and transformers with CHEOPS MAGNETIC PHASE TRANSMISSION
& distinctive functional design.


Commodity Models:

The product range starts with the PowerSource/500 which delivers up to 500W on one power outlet in a compact and convenient package.

The PowerSource/2000 Model is the way to go for more demanding equipment and more critical loads, delivering up to 2kW on three power outlets with an extra bonus in sonic improvement. The extra-robust housing with sandblasted grey finish will be complemented with a wooden housing both with more power outlets for demanding domestic installations.

A special version named PowerSource/2000pro is available on request and is supplemented by the unique CHEOPS FAILSAFE™ circuit for production environment like recording studios, concert halls etc. .

Limited Edition Design Studies:

The PowerSource/F1 with a stylish white wooden housing incorporates two separate filter modules delivering up to 500W each, with 2+3 power outlets. (Nearly sold out)

And finally, the PowerSource/F2 with its six-sided honeycomb-design is the most exclusive and elaborate piece of art in the CHEOPS product range of audiophile mains-filters.

The preceding prototype in a smaller air-plywood housing and black understatement finish had been drawing startling attention on the C.E.S. Show (Las Vegas, 2011) and thus led to our current top-of-the-line limited edition design study PowerSource/F2 with CAD-designed and CNC-machined air-plywood and platin-gray glazed finish.

All our knowledge on audiophile mains filtering has been implemented in the PowerSource/F2 without compromise. The 2.000W CHEOPS Magnetic Phase Transmission™ Module is float-mounted screw-less, surrounded by vibration-dampers and a complex air-flow-optimized passive cooling channel. Eight power-outlets with the proven CHEOPS wiring system provide the most audiophile power distribution.


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