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Handcrafted loudspeakers & monitors
build like luxury cars - a feast for all senses


Acoustics to inspire you – at first glance.

Sound reproduction is, strictly speaking, a matter of technology and acoustics for the ears alone. Music is communication of the soul and conveys emotions by means of "air vibrations" via the ear to the brain. None of the other senses is stimulated. All relevant information must therefore be communicated via the sound. This is why we close ours eyes while enjoying music (and consequently, a "beautiful" loudspeaker cannot enhance the musical enjoyment!).

However, is the appearance really of secondary importance? Despite all the available audio-technological excellence, we at surrounTec™ consider music enjoyment to be a holistic experience. Behold, marvel, touch, grasp, realise. The outer appearance of our loudspeakers ideally embodies our philosophy – the real accomplishment is their simple, true beauty. In other words, "A product that is coherent in form requires no embellishment" (Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the legendary Porsche 911). Run your hand over a surrounTec™ speaker as you would an elegant sports car. And you will notice – aesthetic perfection is more than skin deep.

matte black surrountec loudspeaker

When it comes to the colour, there is only one person who calls the tune: you.

Each surrounTec™ loudspeaker pair is finished by hand and is absolutely unique. One of a kind - like its owner. For this reason we offer you complete freedom in the customization of the design. For the speaker enclosures in matt, textured coating (pure matt or metallic) you as customer have a selection of over 2,328 possible colours to choose from. The textured coating that we employ captivates the customer with its quality of genuine furniture craftsmanship. This makes it particularly hard, resistant to knocks and easy to clean, while it does not fade under exposure to sunlight. Timeless style really can be compatible with everyday enjoyment.

Piano lacquer: welcome to the premier class of refinement.

Exclusivity in purified culture. Black, hand-finished piano varnish represents the highest quality finish in surface treatment. The perfect glaze requires 10 to 14 individually applied layers. Subsequently we smooth and polish by hand, over several hours, entailing up to X cycles. The result of this extraordinary manufacturing accomplishment takes every connoisseur's breath away – a perfectly smooth and jet black reflective surface. And as with a genuine concert grand, the lacquer can subsequently be rebuffed. "Luxury can be repaired" is a well known quotation from VITRA, and it holds true. Fine scratches and blemishes can easily be removed. Incidentally, in addition to black, piano varnish is also obtainable in other colours, such as brown, grey, beige, red, or blue. There is only one variety that you will seek in vain with surrounTec™, namely: box standard.

true piano lacquer with marqueterie

Modern alchemists - or the incredible transformation of an aluminum block.

In the middles ages people attempted to create gold out of base metals. At surrounTec™, we are able to perform similar "miracles" today. Everything starts with a block of aluminum – in the highest quality – but without aesthetic value. However, our millers manage to model all of the components for our speakers out of this "beast". Micron by micron. With extensive experience and the highest degree of craftsmanship. Thanks to these methods we are also able to match the colours of each component. The basis for this is the elaborate gloss by experienced hands. This is followed by fingerprint-resistant sealing, or a dyed protective layer is produced by means of the eloxal anodisation process. Galvanization then constitutes the culmination, during which an additional decorative layer, such as 23.9 carat gold, white gold or black rhodium, is applied. The entire finishing process for our surrounTec™ loudspeakers can take up to four months. The fascinating thing is that you will recognize the true merit of these four months in a fraction of a second. Thanks to a presence that pervades every space. Just as a perfect sound.

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hand-polished reflex port from surrounTec hand-polished contact panel

milled and polished loudspeaker basket milled and polished BD50 plate and cooling panels

23.9K gold plated reflex port by surrounTec Rhodium plated custom driver basket