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Handcrafted loudspeakers & monitors
for audiophile professionals and connoisseurs


Analog class AB monoblock amplifiers

surrounTec™ is a manufactory with the demand for a deep value-chain. Everything that we can do better than others, we do ourselves. What does not exist we invent or build. Thus in many surrounTec™ monitors you find a puristic, analog, discrete, pure class AB monoblock amplifier module called [:carlo] (named after its inventor).

[:carlo] is a minimalistic analog old-school 200 watt high-end amplifier. 2 step design with low open loop gain but very high stability. Power supply is done via a shielded 1000VA toroidal transformer with up to 100.000 micro farad sieving to stabilize energy supply. The input stage is carried out as a discrete differential amplifier with complementary cascade connection for a high bandwidth. Only by hand selected driver transistors in pure class BA technology for high driver power in conjunction with MOS-FET transistors guarantee non-restrictive micro responsiveness of the music signal. The audiophile fine-tuning is done via Black-Gate condensators and Slitfoil electrolytic capacitors. What we didn’t use were safety circuits, filters which could alter the signal or anything which is not required for the amplifier to work but only prolongs the signal way ....

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Frequenzgang surrounTec Verstärker Klirrspektrum surrounTec Verstärker

......We are missing the 6mm thick front panel with a shiny surface, milled knobs, lots of safety features like thermo-protection, overload protection, different voltages, stability up to 1ohm, a remote control and everything packed into 25kg of metal.


Analog Class D monoblock amplifiers

For our professional products and subwoofers we use analog class D amplifiers from Hypex in the Netherlands. Of course we only use the high-grade modules with 40.000 micro farad sieving and a small toroidal transformer and HxR module. Metrological these amplifiers are not worse than our class AB modules ...


ZenSati internal wiring

For the internal wiring of all our products we only use the purest copper in form of ZenSati #2 (which is silver-plated) or #1 (gold plated). In any case the whole signal path is carried out "clean", even cable shoes are made from pure copper or silver so that the audio signal is carried in a clean and pure material right from the XLR connector to the driver unit. Our aim is to minimize influences from used components to the signal within the speaker to a minimum.

To connect a satellite to a subwoofer we use for our high-end products audiophile LEMO connectors and ZenSati #1 wiring. The passive versions feature pure silver spades. All professional products are connected using ZenSati #3 with silver spades or LEMO connectors. In any case the backside is clean, tidy and without a cable mess!

surrounTec powered lemo bridge WBT Signature terminals surrounTec passive

The advantage of our amplifiers for you is that every electrical component is adjusted to that the system as whole functions perfectly. All you need is a CD-Player and a XLR cable to enjoy music ... if you decide to buy a purely passive version of our products you will find audiophile copper M-Connect terminals from Mundorf at the back to connect your loudspeaker cables. This is what we call audiophile pornography.