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Welcome to surrounTec
A word about me and my vision


Berthold Burkhardtsmaier

"The one who set forth to become a conductor” would be the perfect title for a story about my life. Music has always been my passion. Since I have always felt at home in the world of perfect sound. Other children wanted to become a train driver, cowboy or astronaut. Pianist, violinist and conductor were on the top of my list. In addition to my classical education that won me an award at the "Young Musicians" contest, I was increasingly drawn to the magic of rock 'n' roll. I performed as a DJ in club houses and gyms – back in the early days already with my own loudspeaker creations. And before I knew it, these jobs meant to earn some pocket money gradually became my true vocation. I studied Electrical Engineering with a focus on acoustics at Munich university. The mobile discotheque from the Swabian hinterland evolved into a professional music entertainer for the prestigious caterer "Feinkost Käfer". My loudspeaker models began to be used by legendary Munich discotheques such as Sugar Shack and M1.

Now – after positions as an engineer with JBL/Harman Kardon, Shure Bros. and Dialog4, after the foundation of my life’s work surrounTec™, after the obsessive search for the perfect tone – I am proud to say: My childhood dream has become true. I have become a conductor. My orchestra is made up of ceramics, diamond, copper, titanium, silver and wood. It is my mission to make the universal brilliancy of great composers audible and sensible. With loudspeakers that are not merely resonating bodies, but also resonating souls. For their vibrations convey truth. Just believe me: nothing sounds more beautiful.