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KODO is Japanese
and means "storm"...


[:kodo] simply is the subwoofer par excellence, the reference of all bass loudspeakers. Already the figure of [:kodo] leads one to suspect what’s in it: over 160cm tall, more than 130kg weight, 1000 watts through up to four (!) class D monoblock amplifiers – the result is a rather decent earthquake. So if you are a bass-fetishist, have a come-cinema or just want to annoy your neighbors - look no further. This is your subwoofer!

The cabinet features the surrounTec™ typical matrix bracing, but [:kodo] has more than 80 internal break-throughs which yields unmatched rigidity and persistency of a loudspeaker cabinet. [:kodo] is equipped with up to four individual class D monoblock amplifiers with power filters and ring-core transformers to cope with high volumes and super low frequencies. [:kodo] is available in two variants:

[:kodo] with 4 x 8" Accuton ceramic sandwich chassis – extremely fast, loads of punch, ideal for studios who want to play with bass.

[:kodo] with 4 x 11“ Accuton ceramic sandwich chassis with +/-13mm stroke to move the air. Really low frequency bass to touch and feel – down to infrasonic sounds. No problem.

We developed this bass monster to cope with the requirements of large direction rooms. In the past one or two 15” "billow-basses" were used to pump bass into the large room. Today one can do this with precision and speed – even at high levels. [:kodo] can play frequency lower than 30Hz absolute effortless – and it looks beautiful whilst doing so!



Model [:kodo]
Typ Powered LineArray Subwoofer
Frequency-responseF3=28Hz, Fmax <2000Hz
Sensitivity95dB/1W/1m using 2.83V
Max. SPL121dB/1m
Impedance 3 Ohm
& driversr
4 x 8“ Accuton ceramic sandwich subwoofer or
3 x 11“ Accuton ceramic sandwich subwoofer
Amplification1000 or 2000watt analog class D monoblock amplifiers
Input+6dBu, symmetrical XLR
Internal wiringKimber Kable TC all clear
Dimensions310x660x1450mm (width x depth x height)
Weight 131 kg
Loudspeaker cabinet Bass-reflex cabinets. Heavily matrix-braced. With matte
structural paint or true piano lacquer
Included in delivery Installation on-site
High End pure copper power cord
[:Brackets], massive loudspeaker feet milled from aluminum
Warranty 12 years for the first owner, except burnt through voice coils
or destroyed membranes
All technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


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