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Ein Lautsprecher, der unsichtbar klingt, Sie doch berührt.
Unmoralisch, unverschämt und direkt das Auge verführt.


The [:Meisterstück] is the coronation of the loudspeaker. It is quipped with the ultra-exclusive 50mm BD50 diamond tweeter from Accuton. The cabinets are coated with the finest piano lacquer in pure, true and ultra deep black perfect mirror finish. It takes three months to paint the speaker cabinets by hand! All aluminum parts are milled from the full and polished by hand to a perfect high gloss finish. Even the loudspeaker baskets of the ceramic drivers are custom designed by surrounTec™, milled from the full and polished by hand! The internal wiring is made from gold, every condensator and coil is made from pure silver. All screws are made of titanium. On the sides you find marqueterie like one would only expect from a true concert piano. The [:Meisterstück] is build like a Maybach limousine or a Fazioli piano ... the aim was to create the "non-plus-ultra". Per year we only manufacture three speaker pairs entirely by hand. No part on this speaker is off-the-shelf. Every component is designed by surrounTec™ and build by hand with loads of time, calmness and respect to true craftsmanship. Amen.

This loudspeaker is purely passive and optimized for bi-amping (minimum impedance smaller 2 Ohm!). It is possible to equip your masterpieces with analog 500Watt class D monoblock amplifiers. These amplifiers have a fine power filter and a ring-core transformator for large power reserves and stable power supply. The level adjustment to the mid- and high tone section is done via a fully symmetrical analog level adjuster with 12 individually cascaded single resistors (!) which dampen the level by 1/2 dB each. The cooling fins are milled from the full aluminum block and a re hand polished to guarantee maximum heat discharge. The input section is symmetrical XLR or chinch.

Absolute purists order also our analog class AB monoblock amplifiers for the high- and mid tone section. This 200Watt star layout amplifiers guarantee finest micro dynamics, unmatched resolution and speed via direct and short signal ways without any unneeded components like fuses and there like and the "cost no object" design. The sieving is carried out with 120.000 micro farad, the 1.5KV ring-core transformator is hand build by Cheops Audio in Austria, all components are hand selected and measured ...
read more about surrounTec™ amplifiers.



Monolog [:Meisterstück]
Type 3way passive analog monitor system
Besonderheiten All built-in parts milled from the full
and polished by hand
Mechanical Time-Alignment
Coincidental sound emitting
Phase Coherence
Frequency response Ideal step response
linear frequency response 35Hz - 25 KHz
F3=33Hz, Fmax.=> 60kHz
Cross-over Hand-soldered passive pure silver filters
Sensitivity 91dB/1W/1m using 2.83V
Max. SPL 113dB/1m
Harmonic distortion <0,1%
Impedance 4Ohm
& drivers
50mm Accuton diamond tweeter
2 x 8“ Accuton ceramic midrange
2 x 11“ Accuton ceramic sandwich subwoofer

All drivers are fine-tuned specifically for surrounTec.
Input WBT Signature Reference terminals, polished
Internal wiring Completely in ZenSati series 1
(width x depth x height)
Weight 110 kg per channel
Loudspeaker cabinets Bass-reflex. Isoplate and cabinet made from MDF, multiple matrix bracings.
Piano lacquer in black or white, hand coated in Germany
true marqueterie in silver or copper (golden)
Included in delivery Installation on-site by surrounTec
ZenSati #1audio link
Milled and polished loudspeaker feet
Warranty 12 years for the first owner, except burnt through voice coils
or destroyed membranes
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten.


Product Pictures


the surrounTec masterpiece attention to detail


surrounTec loudspeaker basket milled from the full polished aluminum parts


Milled and polished massive heatsinks for class AB amplifier modules Meisterstücke and Vitra Earnes Lounge Chairs