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surrounTec™ [:mono] professional
passive or powered main monitor


[:mono] is a analog 2way D´Appolito tool for demanding monitoring applications. It is optimized for a ideal step response and thus a absolute distortion-free and neutral sound reproduction of medium to high frequencies. The sound impression is unspectacular but neutral. The recommended listening distance for [:mono] is 2.4-3.0 meters.

A special feature of the new [:mono] is the phase coherence behaviour in combination with an ideal mechanical Time-Alignment of the installed drivers. This means not only that all drivers start at the same place at the same time but also that the phase is passed on between the drivers without noticeable shifts. This is archived through our passive surrounTec filters. This concept means that all indivdual frequency responses add up perfectly at any given time. The loudspeaker plays sound correct with regards to time and phase. The step-reponse is perfect.

The surrounTec™ [:mono] is characterized by its high volume stability and precision even at medium frequencies. Speed, transients and three-dimensionality at a new dimension of sound reproduction. The horizontal sound radiation is construction-condition rather wide and yields a large sweet spot. Even when you leave the sweet pot area there will be no sound coloration at all. [:mono] can be used as full-range monitoring without hesitation. We recommend using the 8 pillar tripod [:column] made from steel with sand filling. Alternatively [:mono] can be supplemented with a [:log]TA module to a full [:monolog] 3way system.

The [:mono] studio monitor is available in the following configurations:

– [:mono] Professional passive with surrounTec™ filter with Mundorf Supreme silver/gold components and audiophile Mundorf M-Connect terminals.

– [:mono] Professional powered is identical to the passive version but with integrated high-grade class monoblock amplifier module placed before the zero order filters. This speaker is ideal for any production or post-production studio due to the unstressed neutral sound reproduction with a very wide bandwith.




Model [:mono] Professional
Typ 2way passive analog D´Appolito nearfield monitor
Variants – Analog, passive
– Analog, powered with integraded class D mono amplifier
Characteristics Phase coherence
Mechanical Time-Alignment
Coincidental sound emitting
Identical diaphragm materials at all drivers
Ideal step-response
Sound radiation Up to 2dB deviation from the reference axis
Horizontal: more than 45° to left and right
Vertical: maximum 15° up and down
Frequency-response Linear with meanderings + / 2dB between 45Hz to 25KHz
F3=41Hz, Fmax.=>35kHz
Cross-over Passive surrounTec™ filters
with wide overlapping frequency bands
Sensitivity 92dB/1W/1m using 2.83V
Max. SPL 115dB/1m
Harmonic Distortion Upto 100dB <1%
Impedance 4Ohm
& drvivers
30mm Accuton ceramic tweeter
2 x 8“ Accuton ceramic midrange/bass

All drivers are fine-tuned specifically for surrounTec™
Amplification Optionally we integrate into [:mono] a discrete analog class
D monoblock amplifier with 200watts.
Input [:mono]passive: Mundorf M-Connect terminals
[:mono]powered: +6dBu, symmetrical XLR
[:mono]DSP: Digital AES/EBU & XLR
Internal wiring With ZenSati #2
Dimensions 310x660x610mm (width x depth x height)
Weight [:mono]passive 39kg per channel
[:mono]powered 47kg per channel
Loudspeaker cabinet Bass-reflex. Isoplate and cabinet made from MDF, multiple
matrix bracings. Standard finish: matte white structural paint
any given RAL colour possible.
Included in delivery Power cord: PowerCon/Schuko, length 2,5m
Installation on-site
Warranty Lifelong for the first owner, except burnt through voice coils
or destroyed membranes
All technical specifications are subject to change without notice.