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True craftsmenship and high-tech
– a loudspeaker is getting build


surrounTec™: Pioneers in Exquisite Sound Art

It is 2012. The world has been taken over by digital loudspeakers. The whole world? Well, no. A manufacturer in a small village among the Swabian vineyards is putting up a brilliant resistance. Welcome to Untergruppenbach, home of the art of analogue sounds. We make the most innovative creations possible in loudspeaker manufacturing – using traditional craftsmanship. The philosophy of surrounTec™ is to build loudspeakers as one would a grand piano. With supreme technical mastery. With endless love for music. And with absolute precision. The result is loudspeakers that revolutionize music listening. Note for note.

The factory – a studio. The Quality Manager – our ear.

A workshop? A production line? Robotized automation? We have none of these. Our surrounTec™ team comprises a die-hard band of excellent piano craftsmen and cabinet makers dedicated to the idea of producing the perfect sound. A converted villa is the location where we develop, shape, bolt, assemble, polish – and perfect – our products. Time and time again. We work for a minimum of one hundred hours on a single speaker. This extraordinary attention to detail makes each speaker one of a kind. From soldering the cable to buffing the finished surfaces – every step in the process is performed in Germany. Quality true to the insignia made in Germany. Quality that swings, rocks and grooves, and brings joy to the heart of every music lover.

12-year guarantee. And timeless elegance.

The brilliance of surrounTec™; is evident from the very first note, and likewise at first glance. Our speakers are icons of acoustic style. Their classically elegant appearance follows an arousing expression of form. It is a statement of pure sensuality and a breathtaking tribute to the fascination of music. A maximum of 25 surrounTec™ loudspeaker pairs is delivered each year. surrounTec™ models share the same fortune as other exclusive works of art. They are highly sought-after everywhere – but not, however, readily available, rendering them yet more coveted.

The perfect sound does not touch the ear – but moves the soul.

What makes the surrounTec™ experience so unique? Conventional loudspeakers provide music as a frontal rendition. Take it or leave it. Like it or not. Bland, indifferent, digital. Our analogue speakers offer more. They generate a personal connection between music and mankind. As a listener this means more than just receiving a sequence of notes. Instead you discover a world that expands your horizon, and one in which the magic of the moment can unfold. True emotion. True inspiration. True beauty. Some may regard this as a luxury. But for us at surrounTec™ it is quite simply the fountain of life. And has been for over 35 years.


Handcrafted loudpeaker cabinets with intensive matrix-bracing wood work

[:mono] assembly set Loudspeaker baskets turned from the full

Loudspeaker baskets milled from the full but mashines can't do everything

[:ipon] after pre-painting waiting for final coat A professional polisher at work

LEMO connector is inserted by hand Matrix construction puzzle

50mm BD50 diamond tweeter insterted All screws tightened by hand with practice and feeling