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Analog High-End Speakers
surrounTec™ [:monolog]HE


The [:monolog] high-end is a full-blooded high-tech musical instrument, handmade in Swabia ­ Germany. It carries all the genes from the well-known reference monitor [:monolog]Keramik, but the high-end version is refined using the sinfully expensive 30mm pure diamond tweeter from Thiel&Partner.

In this composition of a loudspeaker every detail has been fine-tuned and harmonized. The pure ceramic midrange and low range drivers as well as the diamond tweeter are handmade to our specifications. The matrix-bracing of the cabinet resembles a symphony in wood: it is extremely rigid and of the highest quality. The acoustic baffles have been optimized to the radiation behaviors of the used drivers and measure between 45 and 115mm massif thickness

The ceramic drivers received a minimalistic damping and the full system (all 3 ways) are driven without a classical cross-over. The result is a close to ideal time response of the speaker. In consequence we eliminated the typical ceramic sharpness and hardness. Actually this speaker does not sound at all. It fades into the background, giving space to the music. It is a means to an end. The prerequisite for this behavior is the mechanical Time-Alignment of all the acoustical centers of the installed drivers. The combination with the phase-coherent surrounTec filter, that is build entirely by hand using the finest components (Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil, Duelund CAST) is fine-tuned to fit the installed driver combination of this very speaker yields an acoustically correct sound radiation source in regards to time and phase ... and a unique loudspeaker. The [:monolog]HE acts like a single broadband driver and it reproduces stress-free sound from the inaudible infra sound up till over 60KHz. The extreme low bass response is realized with a highly modified version of the Accuton 280mm bass driver: stronger magnet, increased mass, custom ventilation ...

We respect and life physics, electro acoustics and little bit of ZEN. We attach great importance to audiophile components, correct positioning, maximum contacting, a pure & clean signal path and flawless assembly ­ we tease out the maximum and only are satisfied when we see no more room for improvements. Thus all build-in components are milled from the full block and receive a matte anodized black surface. Even the reflex tubes are made from aluminum. Everything is designed and made by us. The result is a crystal clear, pure, absolutely uncolored sound pattern. The sound impression of this speaker is discrete and unspectacular ­ during playback he moves into the background, giving space to the sound. You as musical enthusiast are in the first row, you hear the musicians’ breath, you hear how the instruments sound, you can see the conductor sweat, and you feel his sole and ambition ­ music perception of a new dimension.

The [:monolog] are designed for bi-amping (minimum impedance smaller 2 Ohm!). Thus optionally we offer to equip the subwoofers with one 500Watt analog class D monoblock amplifier each. These amplifiers have a fine power filter and a ring-core transformator for large power reserves and stable power supply. The level adjustment to the mid- and high tone section is done via a fully symmetrical analog level adjuster with 12 individually cascaded single resistors (!) which dampen the level by 1/2 dB each. The cooling fins are milled from the full aluminum block to guarantee maximum heat discharge. The input section is symmetrical XLR or chinch.

Furthermore we offer pure & true 200Watt class AB monoblock amplifiers for the mid- and high tone section. These amplifiers with their star layout are a guarantor for finest micro dynamics, unmatched resolution and speed via the shortest possible connection ways and "cost-no-object" design. The sieving is done with 90.000 micro farad, the 1KV ring-core transformator is handcrafted in Austria by Cheops Audio, all components are hand selected and measured ....
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Type 3way passive loudspeaker system
with D´Appolito tweeter/midrange section
Characteristics Mechanical Time-Alignment
Phase coherence
Coincidental sound emitting
Frequency response Linear with meanderings + / 1.5dB between 40Hz to 40KHz
F3=32Hz, Fmax.=> 60kHz
Cross-over Hand-soldered passive filters
Sensitivity 92dB/1W/1m using 2.83V
Max. SPL 115dB/1m
Harmonic distortion <0,1%
Impedance 4Ohm
30mm Accuton diamond tweeter
2 x 8“ Accuton ceramic mid-range&subwoofer
2 x 11“ Accuton ceramic sandwich subwoofer

All drivers are fine-tuned specifically for surrounTec.
Input WBT Signature Reference terminals
Internal wiring Completely in ZenSati series 1
(width x depth x height)
Weight approx. 100 kg per channel
Loudspeaker cabinets Isoplate and cabinet made from MDF, multiple matrix bracings.
Matte finish with surrounTec™ structural paint in any RAL colour
Included in delivery Installation on-site
ZenSati #1 audio link
[:Brackets], massive loudspeaker feet milled from aluminum
Warranty 12 years for the first owner, except burnt through voice coils
or destroyed membranes
All technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


Product pictures


surrounTec [:monolog] High-End surrounTec [:monolog] High-End Eindruck


surrounTec [:monolog]HE Impression surrounTec [:monolog] High-End Impression